Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 611--The Cloud Room

It is unusual to find clouds inside a building, but it happens in Gristlegrim. This is a very ordinary 100 foot cubic room, except that the top thirty feet are filled with a layer of clouds, and it's raining. The floor is a sea of mud. There are no monsters or treasure visible.

There are standard sliding doors on all four walls of the room. The one to the north requires a strength of 7 to open, west requires strength of 12, south requires strength of 10, and east is magically locked. It needs a level 6 Knock Knock to open it. In the northeast corner of the room is a stairway leading up and down. If level six is the deepest level of the dungeon at the time, then the down stairway will lead out of the room.

If delvers remain in the room for more than ten minutes, wandering monsters will be teleported in from monster control.

This room is a trap for any delver with a luck of 12 or less. Such unlucky players will attract a bad luck cloud from the mass of clouds up by the ceiling. When they leave the room, a small black cloud will be magically attached to them, hovering about three feet above their head at all times, and drizzling steadily upon them. In crowded quarters, the black cloud of Gristlegrim will move closer to its owner. This is a sixth level curse and will take seventh level magic to dispel it.

However, the cloud is protective of its perpetually soggy owner, and will help fight for it, delivering one small lightning bolt worth 50 hits of energy damage per combat turn to any character in close proximity combat to the character. If the character is slain, the cloud will remain with him, and keep his grave soggy.