Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 635--The Rubber Dagger

Imagine a kitchen for trolls and ogres. It's the standard size Gristlegrim room, but it's full of furniture for creatures who are 15 to 20 feet tall. There is one big table that's 10 feet tall. There are 6 chairs whose seats are 6 feet off the ground. There is a huge firepit in the center of the room, with a rotating spit set across it. There are cabinets built up against the walls, and there is a 10 foot high sink with pipes coming out the bottom going through the floor. Most of the time however, the room is just plain empty. If the G.M. wants to scare his delvers away, he could put half a dozen trolls or ogres inside it, perhaps having supper.

Most of the time this room is relatively harmless. It is meant to be scary in an ordinary way. But it is an insidious trap, because lying in the middle of the big table up above most character's heads is a large rubber carving knife. That is, it looks just like a big butcher knife, suitable for an ogre chef to use, but the blade is made of a soft rubbery substance that will not cut anything harder than butter. However, the rubber knife is a magical weapon, and it's magic is to absorb any enchantment cast on any other weapon within 50 feet of it, and to dissipate that enchantment harmlessly. Anyone who comes anywhere near this rubber dagger with an enchanted weapon will lose the enchantment on that weapon. This is a permanent effect. The enchantment doesn't come back once the rubber knife is removed.

There are doors in the centers of all four walls. North requires a strength of 19 to open, west requires a strength of 22, south and east are locked, and will require 6 levels of Knock-Knock magic to open them. You can't pick the locks because they don't use keys. There is also a spiral stairway in the northeast corner going up to the 5th floor above and down into inky darkness from which the most appalling screams can be heard. The stairway down is actually an exit from Gristlegrim, and if one simply walks fearlessly down the stairway for 100 feet, one will come out in a troll-sized outhouse on the ground. Exiting the room of the crescent moon will leave the delvers somewhere in the wilds of Khazan, the G.M.'s pleasure.