Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 646--Angel World

The only way to reach Angel World is for Gristlegrim, or some other World class wizard to send the players there. Angel World is literally on a higher plane of existence.

Begin by putting the players into a deep trance. When their bodies are quiet, the astral forms of the players can rise. Being astral is just like being physical except that they are intangible. The astral body is an exact double of the physical body. On the Trollworld plane it is intangible and transparent, although it looks exactly like the physical body. Although intangible, delvers can see, hear, smell, and use all of their senses. On Angel World their intangible bodies will seem to be real and physical as will all of the Angel World phenomena.

In the astral world the player does things by thinking about doing them. The G.M. needs to explain this to the players. A player walks by thinking about walking; a player flies by thinking about flying; a player talks by thinking about talking. To make this real to the players in the game, the G.M. should require every action to be prefaced by the words: I think about (talking to the Angel). If a player thinks about doing something, then let there be a saving roll attempt to see how well he/she accomplishes it. If they forget to say "I think about" then tell them that nothing happens.

Angel world is literally Heaven, but it is many heavens, each of which is a complete mini-world. There are as many different heavens as there are conceptions of the place. As the delvers approach the heaven of the Game Master's choice, let them glimpse other cloud islands, each of which contains its own heaven.

As above, so below. There is conflict on the material planes-it then follows that there must be conflict on the astral planes as well. Gods fight other gods; angels fight other angels; immortals fight other immortals. It is very hard to kill things on the angelic plane, but when that happens, then true oblivion is what the slain spirit gains.

The Power of Thought in Angel World applies only to one's own astral body, and to unthinking objects such as swords, boulders, and other non-organic materials. You cannot think someone else into doing things. When there is a conflict about who does what to whom, then use opposed saving rolls on the appropriate attribute. Tests of Strength are still decided by saving rolls on the STR attribute. Etc.

As Game Master you can send your players to any Angel World, any Heaven, that you wish. You should give them a quest-a quest for knowledge that can only be given to them by a god. Then make it difficult to get to see that god. When the game session is over, bring the players back to Trollworld and tell them that their bodies could not sustain their astral forms any longer. The two had to be re-united.

As examples, let me give you two brief forms of Angel World: Trollhalla and the Celestial City.


Trollhalla is heaven for Trolls and other Monsters, including Men, Elves, Dwarves, etc. It consists of a gigantic cave , so big that it has its own sky, and yet the walls are clearly visible beyond the sky. The place is lighted by the Sun, the Moons, and the Stars. These are all glowing lights that pass across the sky in a regular fashion.

In the center of Trollworld is the Feasting Hall. It is a large, medieval style cafeteria, where all manner of good things to eat may be obtained. The Trollgod can sometimes be found there seated upon a gigantic recliner throne. When he wishes, a table of any desired size will rise out of the floor. Usually it seats 20 Champions in chairs numbered one to twenty. The other Champions of Trollhalla have their own smaller tables scattered around the feasting hall. The feasting hall should be the last thing players are permitted to enter in Trollhalla.

In addition to the Feasting Hall there are several other buildings or areas in Trollhalla. There is an Entertainment Center. Those who enter that dread place are entertained and forced to sit in comfy chairs. There is an Arena where tests of physical prowess take place. Delvers may compete against each other, or against members of Trollhalla. (Note to Game Master: if you have an internet connection you can visit Trollhalla.com and check the Hall of Champions to see the attributes and equipment of the Champions. Feel free to use them in your contests. There is a Music Hall where every sort of music is available. There is a Puzzle Room where tests of mental agility can be enjoyed. Do not let anyone into the Feasting Hall to see the Trollgod unless they have won some challenge in the Arena or the Puzzle Room. Unless your players are really smart, keep the Puzzles very simple, or let them succeed by making saving rolls on INT.

Trollhalla is frequently attacked by pesky monsters known as Ughs. Sometime during the players visit to Trollhalla, and before they get to see the Trollgod, let there be an Ugh attack. Remember, this is Angel World. Delvers do things by thinking they do them. To win the Ugh challenge they must befriend at least three Ughs. Every time they beat an Ugh, a new Ugh appears that is half again as large as the last one. Round down on Ugh monster ratings. Start the Ughs for each player at a monster rating that would give the monster one half the number of combat dice that the delver has. Thus if delver Arrth had a great sword doing 6D6 worth of damage as his best weapon, then his first Ugh monster would have a monster rating of 20 (3D6 + 10); the second Ugh monster would have a rating of 30 (4D6 + 15); the third Ugh monster would have a rating of 45 (5D6 + 22). Unlike the Ugh game on Eposic.org, friendly Ugh monsters don't fight for you. They simply don't fight against you. The player wins the Ugh challenge by either befriending three monsters, or by slaying the largest monsters they can. Getting killed by Ugh monsters knocks the player out of Trollhalla and back into his body in Trollworld, but don't tell the player that until the end of the game (or tell them secretly if the player is about to leave). Let them think the death would really be character death.

Meeting the Trollgod in the Feasting Hall and learning the secret Word of Power-Eposic-wins this Angel World quest.

If the players don't want to go to Trollhalla, the G.M. could send them to the Celestial City-the Heaven of LLL (pronounced el el el just for the ell of it). This heaven appears to be an enormous city of light. The buildings are all towers and mansions, built mostly of white stone, but a few show traces and veins of color. The buildings shine with their own light, and the overall illumination is dazzling. When players enter the Celestial City they are met by an Angel who gives them sunglasses to wear to protect their eyes from the overwhelming radiance.

The Celestial City

The Celestial City is a busy place. There are millions of souls living here, each rushing about with their own business. Immortals of every description fill the streets. Angels stand on the corners and fly through the violet skies.

The City is under attack by Demons when the delvers arrive. The Immortals of the City don't seem to notice this attack. The Angels do their fighting for them. These Demons are just like Angels, but they have been perverted to serve the Anti-God. Where angels wear robes or armor, demons go naked or have hideous body coverings consisting of spikes and horns and scales. Angels fight with blazing swords and bolts of lightning. Demons belch flame, wield pitchforks and submachine guns. Other Angels play Guitars. Where the music can be heard, wounds heal and Angels fight on with renewed courage. Sometimes Demons even spontaneously change back into Angels. The Demons try especially hard to slay the Guitar Players.

One building in the City seems to be larger and grander than all the rest. No matter where the players go, they never seem to be very far from this building. It is the scene of the heaviest fighting. This is the Palace of LLL. To enter this building each player must defeat one Demon. This Demon is exactly as powerful as the player on the first combat round, but its monster rating doubles each succeeding combat turn.

Remember that everything in Heaven is done by thinking. To defeat the Demon the player only has to imagine oneself big enough and powerful enough to smash the demon like a bug. He has to really believe it too. To see if the player can do this, let him make a L5SR on WIZ. If the player comes up with some other clever way to beat a demon that doubles in power each combat turn, let him win with that also, unless he fumbles the saving roll.

Players who fail against the Demons get sent back to Trollworld, although everyone should think they are dead. (Secretly tell the player he isn't dead if he is leaving the game.)

Once inside the palace, the players can be granted a brief audience with LLL. Let LLL be whatever your concept of a Supreme Being should be. (I'm thinking of him as a giant floating head being operated by a man behind a screen-just like the Wizard of Oz). LLL speaks the language of Bab-L. He cannot be understood unless the delver makes an INT saving roll one level higher than his character level. But even if he can't understand LLL's message for Gristlegrim, he can memorize the sounds and report them back to Gris. The Dwarf God will understand the message. (The message is 99. Gristlegrim knows what that means.)

Once the audience with LLL is over, the delvers will be banished back to Trollworld where the GM can wrap up the adventure.

Note to all Game Masters

These were just two ideas off the top of my head. You may play any version of Heaven you can think up, and good, detailed write-ups of such adventures would probably be welcomed at Trollhalla or the Gristlegrim site. Surely You can think up better quests and more impressive Heavens than I came up with in my mad hurry to get this written.