Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 615--The Narcopod Room

This appears to be a large empty room, 100 feet square, with nothing but a statue in the center. It is a very odd statue, of a large worm-like being with a malevolent demonic head, and two crablike pincer arms sprouting from the upper torso. The body is covered in sharp quills that extend straight outwards in all directions except for the face and arms which seem to have more the texture of lobster. The thing is absolutely unmoving when the party enters the room. As they get closer to it, they will begin to see that it is studded with jewels. The two eyes are emeralds, the fangs are rubies. There is a collar of garnet around the throat. The horns are carved gold. There are sapphires, diamonds, turquoise, and lapiz lazuli inset between quills. There is, in short, a fabulous amount of treasure on this weird statue.

A very alert wizard will sense some kind of functional magic in an invisible circle about 15 feet from the statue which is reared up like a striking snake. If anything crosses the protective circle of magic, the narcopod comes to life and attacks the delvers. It is, in fact, a living monster with a mosnter rating of 200 (21 dice + 100 combat adds). Its skin is armor-tough, taking 10 hits of damage without harm from any weapon that strikes it. The monster begins its attack by shooting a barrage of calcium darts (the quills) at everyone. Make a level 4 saving roll on Luck to avoid being struck. Characters wearing full plate armor will be completely protected. Anything less can be hit and penetrated. Roll 2D6 for how many darts manage to strike any character that missed the saving roll. Each dart does a single point of damage to CON. and puts the victime to sleep for 10 min. (Example: Rufus, wearing leather armor) is struck by 6 darts. He takes 6 hits off his CON, and collapses in sleep for 60 minutes.) After the first volley of darts, the narcopod fights with lashing tail segment, pinching hands, and it has a nasty bite.

If the narcopod is slain, the delvers may take the jewels. Aside from the ones already named on the face, there are 100 others hidden among the quills. Make a level one saving roll on luck or intelligence to find a jewel. If the narcopod wins, it will devour anyone that actually fought against it and lost, but will ignore those struck down by its sleep-darts. After its feast, it will be teleported back out of the room.

The room has a secret door on the north wall that must be discovered by using an Oh-there-it-is spell. Going through that door will take one out of Gristlegrim and into an anteroom of the Temple of Gristlegrim down on the ground. It is a one-way passage. There is a door on the south wall that is magically locked. It will take 6 knock-knock spells at level 1 to unlock it. There is a stairway leading up to level 5 in the northeast corner of the room.