Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 612--The Crispy Critter Room

Standard room. The smell of cooked meat permeates the air. There is a fire-blackened body--either a child or a hobb--lying in a big scorch mark in the center of the room. Magic users sense powerful malevolent magic in this room.

Searching the body will find one thing of value--a massive sterling silver ring set with a large fire opal. This is the source of the magical bad vibes. This ring is easily worth 5000 gold pieces. But, the ring is cursed. Whoever wears it will draw all fiery attacks directly to himself. Hmm, there may be a lingering aroma of dragon in this room.

Should anyone be foolish enough to slip the ring on their finger, a fire-breathing dragon (Monster rating 1000) will bamph into the room and attack the wearer.

There are doors on all four walls. North requires strengh 17 to open, west requires strength 22, south requires strength 20, and east is locked and requires leve 4 knock knock to open. In northeast corner is a staircase leading up and down.