Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 613--Drop a Coin

This is a standard Gristlegrim room. There are doors on all four walls. Two of them say EXIT and two of them say ENTRANCE.

When a door is opened all that can be seen is a shimmering field of magical white light with no indication of what is beyond it.

Since Gristlegrim is a trickster, the entrance doors actually lead to safety in the Dwarven Temple down below while the exit doors lead to two other rooms on level one of the dungeon-rooms to be chosen randomly.

In the center of the room is a strange machine made of glass and metal. On the top of the machine, about 8 feet above the floor is a thick metal plate with several slots in it just large enough to admit a gold piece. The words DROP A COIN are painted there in Dwarven runes.

Inside the machine is a strange ziggurat constructed of metal bars piled atop each other in a haphazard fashion forming ledges, ramps, and cliffs. Balanced on the ledges and some ramps are many coins and jewels. At the base of the ziggurat on all 4 sides is a hole that leads into a chute leading through a baffle and into a tray down at ground level. Things that fall into the chute will fall into the tray and be free for the taking.

The coin slots at the top each enter a slanted ramp not visible to the delvers so that the coins do not drop straight through, and where they land cannot be predicted.

Inside the machine are many piles of coins and jewels that seem to be precariously perched so that a single impact would cause them to fall into the chute at the bottom, but they're all a lot harder to move than they seem.

If a coin other than a gold coin is placed in a slot there is simply the sound of the coin landing in what sounds like a bucket full of coins.

Each time a gold coin is dropped, make a L6SR on Luck. If the roll is made, the coin will dislodge something to a lower level. Roll 1D6 to see what level is affected. Only level 6 actually drops anything into a chute.

Here's the catch: if a saving roll is failed, then the character loses adventure points equal to what they missed the saving roll by. Example: Luck attribute of 30 and dice roll of 7 gives a total of 37 when the target was 45. Character level is 4, so that doesn't reach the target either. Player missed the saving roll by 8 points and loses 8 adventure points and his coin.

If the player makes the saving roll, he will succeed in gaining adventure points equal to what he made the roll by, and will drop that number of coins to the next lowest level. If he makes the saving roll by 10 or more, he will nudge a jewel to the next lower level. If a jewel falls into a chute, its value equals 1D6 times 100 gold pieces.

The machine itself is indestructible. Any weapon used to break it will itself be broken. Any spell cast upon it will rebound on the caster - yes, they get a bad feeling if they think about casting a spell on the machine. The players may stay and play with the machine as long as they want, or until the G.M. gets bored. If the G.M. gets bored, send in some level 6 monsters from Monster Control to liven things up.