Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 621--Spiral Trap

This is a standard Gristlegrim room with doors on all four walls.

It appears to be empty except for a huge idol of Gristlegrim sitting in the center (20 feet tall, bearded Dwarf with only one eye and real jewels in its beard. It sits cross legged in the center of a 6 pointed golden star painted on the floor.

There are signs on the walls in Dwarvish runes saying:


The floor is painted with a crimson spiral that starts wide with a path at the entrance and narrows until it joins the star in the center. There is one such spiral path at each door.

If delvers simply walk toward the altar in the center of the room, ignoring the path on the floor, the idol of Gristlegrim grows transparent and fades away so that when they reach the star, there is nothing there.

If they follow the spiral path, the idol remains solid and visible. When they reach the center of the path, they will find a sign in Gristlegrim's lap that says:


They will also find a small treasure chest with a single gold piece in it.

The chest cannot be moved, but the gold piece can be taken. When it is taken another gold piece appears.

If a delver attempts to steal a real jewel from the carved golden beard of Gristlegrim, he will be instantly teleported 120 feet above the roof of Gristlegrim, and begin to fall. If he can fly, then he can save himself and will have escaped the dungeon. If he can't, then splat! 60D6 worth of damage - armor won't help.

If they stay in the spiral trap room more than 10 minutes, teleport level 6 monsters in to make things interesting for them.