Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 699--The Jumanji Room

This is not a simple room--this is a miniature world inside Gristlegrim. Entering it, all one sees is a wall of dark green vegetation--a jungle rain forest shrouded in mist. It's wet--humidity around 80%. Giant trees fill most of the space, though they are not packed trunk to trunk. The space between trees is full of underbrush--nasty underbrush with plenty of thorns. Huge beautiful flowers appear in places. The air is noisy with the squawking of birds, the chattering of monkeys, and the occasional growl, grunt, or howl from an unknown source.

The G.M. will have to really use his imagination in this room. It is a world of unlimited size and possibility. Monsters can be anything that lives in the jungle--big cats, serpents, dinosaurs, dragons, jungle trolls, pterodactyls--whatever you can imagine. The sky is the limit.

The jungle world is a trap in its own right. Once inside it, there is no way out except to make a 7th level Luck saving roll. If a delver manages that, a door appears hanging in mid air for 1 minute. Characters who plunge through this door find themselves somewhere else in Gristlegrim.

The adventures in the jungle are mostly determined by saving rolls. Once each game turn the delvers will attempt to make the best saving roll they can. If anyone fails to make even level one, that delver will be attacked by a jungle beast of some sort--from boa constrictor to savage man. The good GM will start small and make each succeeding attack a little tougher and scarier. Pass out treasure according to the difficulty of the encounter. In truth, there is little to be won in the jungle of gold and jewels, but food might be just as important.

Delvers will make lots of saving rolls. If anyone manages to make a Level 5 Luck saving roll, they will find a lost and ruined city in the jungle. Inevitably, some kind of degenerate beast-man tribe will still inhabit this lost city. Use your imagination.

As I said above, level 7 gives an opportunity to escape.