Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 614--Divide and Conquer

This is one of Gristlegrim's standard rooms--100 feet cubical. It is not very interesting to look at, but in the exact center there is a huge pile of treasure--gold coins, jewels, ancient weapons, chocolate pudding, all manner of good things. There is also a very strong sense of functional magic permeating the room.

The whole room is a big teleport box. Anyone who goes more than 5 feet from the door by which they entered will be teleported randomly to some other site inside Gristlegrim. No two delvers will go to the same place. Roll 1D6 for level, and 1D10 for room number if Gristlegrim is in standard 3 X 3 configuration. If two delvers land in the same room, roll again for the second one. If a 10 is rolled, the delver is out of the dungeon. If you're not using the standard setup for Grislegrim, then figure out your own teleportation scheme. The teleportation effect is not noticed immediately because an illlusionary image of the transported delver remains in the room until it is touched.

Gristlegrim isn't completely heartless. Roll once on the random treasure generator in the T & T rulebook to see what treasure Gris tucked into your pouch while being teleported.

This room has sliding doors on the north, west, and south walls, requiring strengths of 26, 17, and 8 respectively to open. In the northwest corner there is a stairway leading up to the room above. Of course, the delvers can never reach any of them, because as soon as they start, they will be teleported elsewhere.