Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 101--The Room of Dream Demons

The room is the standard 100 foot hollow cube. The walls are painted to resemble the night sky at twilight, complete with magical twinkling stars that represent the skies of Trollworld. The two moons can be seen near the eastern horizon.

There are sliding doors in the north and east walls of the standard sort. Each door has four finger-sized depressions in the surface, and by gripping it there and sliding it to the left, it will disappear into the wall. They are spring-loaded so that if you quit holding it open, the door will close itself again. The door on the north wall requires a strength of 12 to open. The one on the east wall requires a knock-knock spell and a strength of 6.

In the center of the room is a small dais raised about 2 feet above the surface, and on top of that is a treasure chest. The lid is closed, but a couple of gold pieces seem to have spilled out and lie on the dais beside it. Next to the treasure chest is a trapdoor in the floor.

The floor itself has a curious texture. Although it appears to be the marble-like stone that Gristlegrim uses everywhere, it is soft and springy, like a mattress. It would be easy to lie down on it and go to sleep.

Anyone who enters this room immediately becomes sleepy. There is a soft floral perfume that is very pleasant and induces sleep. Adventurers who wish to lie down and take a nap may do so, and will fall asleep immediately. Those who resist the compulsion to sleep must make saving rolls on their Constitution, one every 2 minutes of game turn, starting at level 1 and getting progressively harder by one level each time. If any saving roll is failed, they fall asleep.

All sleepers will have a nightmare--a dream of walking in a beautiful garden with their true-love by their side, and if they have no true-love, the player is urged to describe their ideal mate. The game-master should endeavor to get the players to describe the dream. But as the dream progresses, it becomes dark and menacing. Chill winds spring up around the dreamers, and the companion metamorphoses into a horrible demon figure that attacks the dreamer.

At this point have the dreamer make a first level saving roll on intelligence. Those who make the saving roll win their struggle with the demon and wake up feeling better. In fact, they have gained a magical bonus to their Intelligence equal to the number of extra points they made the saving roll by. Those who fail the saving roll wake up with a shriek as the demon fastens its teeth in their throat. The shock of losing, and nearly dying in their sleep will cost them IQ points equal to what they missed the roll by. These intelligence changes are permanent, and do not wear off when the sleeper wakes. In the event that an adventurer's intelligence is reduced to zero or less, the player's mind will be shattered, and he/she will be reduced to a gibbering, drooling idiot. This could easily be fatal, but not instantly, and it could be cured or ameliorated by the right magic.

In the event that anyone gets to the chest and opens it, it will contain 1000 gold pieces.

The trapdoor requires a strength of 18 to slide into the floor. Beneath it is a small alcove that doesn't seem to go anywhere. However anythng that breaks the plane of the floor entering the alcove is instantly teleported to a safe landing on the floor of the room below.