Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 146--The Amazing Maze

This is not a standard Gristlegrim room.

Although it is still 100 feet cubical, it is entirely filled up with curving walls that form the pattern of the Great Labyrinth. The walls extend from floor to ceiling to create a path barely 5 feet wide that curves around and around in a spiral fashion.

The floor is trapped so that stepping on the wrong spot will cause a blunt spear of stone to spring rapidly out of the wall and strike the person who activated it. To reach the center of the labyrinth, each delver must make 6 L1SRs on Luck and 1 L2SR on LK at the end.

Each spear of stone does 3D6 of damage, and armor will help protect from it, although warriors don't get to double armor protection.

In the center of the maze is a treasure chest containing statuettes of a golden bull, one for each member of the party. Each statuette is worth 100 gold pieces. Beneath the treasure chest is a trapdoor with a rope ladder that leads down to room 244 in the second level.