Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 135--Gristlegrim's Buffet

Even monsters have to eat. You have found the place where Gristlegrim feeds his troops.

This large room, 100 feet square, is filled with 6 rows of serving tables, and on those tables are hundreds of food dishes--meats, vegetables, soups, breads. Everything is a bit weird--familiar food with an unfamiliar twist to it. The G.M. should enlist the imagination of his players to come up with foods if anyone asks what's there, but give each item a weird twist. For example, if a player should ask if there is any chocolate pudding in the room, you would describe a huge vat of the gooey stuff, but mention that it is garnished with plenty of alligator eyeballs embedded in it. If they ask for chicken or turkey drumsticks, say no, but there is plenty of fried Pteranodon with blood gravy. And so forth.

One third of the room is filled with a variety of tables and benches of all different heights. When the delvers enter the room, they may just catch a glimpse of many different monsters seated in that area, eating, but all of those will immediately bampf out.

From time to time a new tray of food will float in and replace some item on the serving tables. These are carried by invisible creatures, who make a kind of shuffling noise and heavy breathing. Such creatures do not attack, but will refill the delvers' drinks without being told.

The food is all enchanted. If the delvers decide to eat any of it, they must make a level one saving roll on Luck. Keep track of how much they make or miss the roll by. Then roll 1D6. 1 = STR, 2 = IQ, 3 = Lk, 4 = CON, 5 = Dex, 6 = Chr. Modify the attribute up or down 1 point for each point made or missed on the saving roll. If the roll is made exactly, there is no attribute modification, but the delver will get food poisoning, and will feel increasingly ill until some time in the future of the game when it is least convenient for the delver, he will be violently sick--not fatal, just messy. This is a form of poisoning, so a Too-bad Toxin spell cast along the way would cure him.

After the meal, an invisible servitor will bring a small tray and a bill of 20 gold pieces for each member of the party that ate Gristlegrim's food. If the party pays up nicely, there are no repercussions. Should any delver refuse to pay, Gristlegrim teleports him away to monster control and confiscates the character to be another dungeon monster.

There is only one door into this room. It's on the east wall and requires a strength of 11 to open. There is also a hatch in the southwest corner and under the hatch is a greased pole that would let the delvers slide down into the room below.