Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 147--The Feathers Room

This is a standard Gristlegrim room with sliding doors on the north and west walls, and a secret door on the south wall.

The room is filled to a height of 4 feet with goose and chicken feathers. There are 16 square pillars in the room that rise out of the sea of feathers to a height of 10 feet and atop each pillar is a nest.

Some of these nests are empty, and some of them contain larger than normal geese. There should be two geese for each delver. Each goose has a monster rating of 32. In some of the nests are golden eggs worth 3D6 g.p. each. To find one requires searching a nest and making a L2SR on Luck.

Walking through the feathers is extremely difficult, and slows the delvers down so that flying geese get two attacks to their one. The geese are both carnivorous and hungry, and are bound to attack if disturbed. One goose at a time per delver should be plenty.