Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 143--The Klutz-Killer Room

This is a standard room. There is one door in a wall - whichever wall is necessary to allow the delvers to enter from the room next door. In the southwest corner of the room there is a stairway leading down to level two.

A very strange monster that looks like a red rubber egg with arms and legs moves around the room like a sumo wrestler.

Although everyone can see it, the egg will only attack the character with the lowest Dexterity in the party. This attack is only real and dangerous for that one person. (In case of ties, let there be a Klutz-Killer monster for each person with low DEX.)

The egg has an MR of 40. It laughs wildly while attacking. It is only "real" for the person being attacked; to everyone else it is a phantom.

The Klutz-Killer guards a huge stone treasure chest, large enough that a person could climb inside it. If the chest is opened - L2SR on STR to move the lid - it contains only a small red velvet bag that could be tied to a belt. The tiny bag contains 5 magic emeralds worth 180gp each. Whoever carries an emerald is immune to disease and all transformation. The treasure can only be found by the person attacked by the Klutz-Killer.

Beating the egg will double the DEX of the winner - losing to it is death. If the egg defeats the delver, the last thing seen is a big rubber egg looking down and laughing as the darkness takes them - the Klutz-Killer will vanish, and the stone chest will be empty. It will not go on to attack every member of the party.