Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 145--The Moonscape Room

This is one of the alien worlds contained within Gristlegrim.

There are no walls, except the distant crater walls. The atmosphere is thin but breathable. The sky is black and filled with stars. The gravity is about half of normal for Trollworld. The terrain is white dust and small gray and white pebbles.

The delvers are standing inside a large crater about a mile in diameter. The floor of this crater is pocked with many smaller craters. The first time they start to walk in the lesser gravity they will lose balance and fall down. Make L2SRs on DEX to master the art of walking in lower gravity.

Delvers may search the rough terrain using their INT.

Characters must move around and search in order to find anything. For each 10 minutes of searching make an INT saving roll. Check to see what level they could have made and apply the following chart:

L1 Moon mushroom - these are white puffballs that grow close to the soil. They can be used as food and may have strange effects upon any who eat them - at the whim of the game master.
L2 A Moon box - Inside the box is a stone-spider head. The head is so incredibly alien and ugly that it reduces the viewer's INT by 1 point just to see it, but will only have that effect once per viewer.
L3 or higher - a hidden trapdoor in the ground, or a crater wall-game master's choice-leading either to level below or to next room over. These things can only be found if a dedicated search is made.