Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 108--Hard Luck Room

The room is dark and smoky--smoldering campfires contribute greasy black smoke that smells like burnt fish. The walls and ceiling are covered with old soot. And full of eyes, with green pupils and bloodshot white areas--all much larger than human eyes, ranging in size from those as big as a chicken egg, to those as large as a wagon wheel. Although the eyes seem to be carved and painted on the stone of the walls, they also seem to be alive--watching anyone who enters the room--blinking, and occasionally weeping big tears of blood.

In the center of the room is a treasure chest carved out of one huge ruby, with the cover down, of course. Anyone with the ability to sense magic will detect a huge aura of evil emanating from it as they get closer. The chest itself would be worth 10,000 gold pieces.

Standing around the treasure chest in a rough circle are several bizarre statues. They look like crocodile-headed gorillas with bat-wings sprouting from their shoulders. Teeth and claws appear to be made of slate instead of ivory--for they are jagged gray. Each stands about six feet tall, and would be even bigger except for the short, bowed legs of the gorilla. Each has a long, crocodilian tail sprouting from its nether region. The skin has a stony, scaly appearance. These are the dreaded Trollworld Rocodiles.

Oddly enough, there are the same number of rocodiles as there are members in the delver party. They will attack once the delvers get within 20 feet of them. Set the toughness of the rocodiles by the toughness of the party. Delvers between levels 1 and 3 get first level rocodiles, levels 4 to 7 get second level, levels 8-13 get third level. Etc.

Hidden inside the ruby chest is an enchanted gorgon head. It's dead, but the spell on it remains strong and malevolent. Whoever sees it, that is anyone opening the chest or standing in the right position when it's opened, gets turned into living stone. This semi-paralization has bizarre effects upon the delver to whom it happens, and could be considered an 8th level curse.

Delvers who see the gorgon head are semi-petrified. Their flesh turns hard and gray. They can double their strength and constitution ratings. At the same time, Luck, Dexterity, and Charisma are all cut in half. Intelligence is unaffected. Because of the petrification factor, it becomes very difficult for delvers who have been changed, to move. Maximum speed is 10 feet per combat turn. In combat, anyone fighting them gets two turns to their one. Speed rating is cut to 1/4 its original value.

The room has only one door--a normal sliding door in the north wall that takes a Strength of 13 or greater to open. However, the room on the other side of the door changes into something else as soon as a person enters the Hard Luck Room.