Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 137--Whirling Dervish Room

This is not a standard Gristlegrim Room.

The north wall is two walls which meet each other in a shallow V shape with each wall being 50 feet long The same is true for the east, south, and west walls with the effect that the interior is in the form of an 8-pointed star.

In the very center of the room is a huge treasure chest 6 feet on a side. From the center of the chest rises a column of swirling air that rotates all the way to the ceiling. Delvers can see the column because it has lifted hundreds of coins into the air and is rotating them.

Once the players have entered the room all exit doors vanish. To find an exit someone must touch the chest in the center of the room.

The problem is that the wind is blowing outward forcing the players back. It gets stronger as the players approach the chest. To reach the chest requires 4 saving rolls on STR, Levels one, two, three, and four. Reaching the chest will shut off the wind and reveal an exit.

Roll 1D6:

  1. Exit from the dungeon.
  2. North apex.
  3. East apex.
  4. South apex.
  5. West apex.
  6. Trap door with rope ladder leading down to the level below.

The chest contains 20,000 copper coins, 2000 silver coins, and 200 gold coins. If players dally more than one turn in the room collecting money, the whirling dervish will start again and blow them back to the perimeter doing CON minus 1D6 damage to each delver when they hit the walls.