Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 152--Mystic Puzzle Room

You enter a room with goblin scratches on the otherwise ordinary rock walls. On the ground before you is a small puzzle box that looks as if it were constructed by a fine goblin craftsman. On it are carved images of crimson dragons with deadly sharp claws and teeth. The dragons seem to have blood dripping from their monstrous fangs. A samurai stands on the other side of the room, a steel sword glinting in his hands.

If you try to take the box, the samurai will lunge at you and attack. He can do 5d6 damage with his sword plus 30 combat adds. He is immune to TTYF and Oh, Go Away spells. He has the ability to bat away oncoming arrows with his sword, and his CON is 20.

If he is defeated, it will require an IQ of 22 to open the puzzle box, which contains a lump of gold worth 80 g.p. If you break the puzzle box, a curse will descend apon you, reducing your DEX by 7. Refusing to fight the samurai costs you 2 CHR.

To the north is a secret door that requires 21 STR to open. To the west is a normal sliding door that requires 19 STR. To the south, the door only requires 11 STR, and to the east is a locked door that takes a Lvl 7 Knock Knock to open. To the northeast corner is a staircase that runs up and down.