Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 141--Humpty Dumpty Gone Bad

Looking into the room you see only a big empty room, but when delvers enter it, they find themselves in the english countryside on a dirt road between glades of oak and yew. Beside the road is a stone wall, and sitting astride the wall is a big rubbery looking egg, complete with eyes, nose, mouth, shirt, tie, pants, oxford shoes, and holding in its spindly arm a big war-spatula. It will say something like, "I suppose you've come to steal my treasure." Then it will hop down off the wall and attack the delver with the lowest IQ.

Fool Killer by David A. Ullery

When the attack begins, everyone except the victim will be paralyzed. Only the low IQ character gets to fight. Although this bad egg looks like Humpty Dumpty, it is a monster called the Foolkiller. It has a monster rating of 40--gets 5D6 + 20 and keeps fighting to the end. Magic may not work against it, the caster must make a level one saving roll on his intelligence forany spell to actually take effect.

So, it's a fight to the finish this time--there is no escape. If the delver wins, his/her Intelligence will be doubled. If the Foolkiller wins, it's monster rating goes up by 20 points, and the delver with the next lowest intelligence will be released from his/her paralysis and get the chance to fight.

When the Foolkiller is slain, the victor will have a chance to find its treasure. Looking on the other side of the wall will reveal a small casket, and inside the casket are small emerald rings--one for each surviving member of the party. The rings are worth about 200 gold pieces each, but they are enchanted, and whoever wears one is immune to disease in Trollworld. Once the treasure has been taken out of the casket, the English countryside fades away, and the delvers are in a large plain room again.

The room has a sliding door in the west walls. It is locked. There is a stairway to the room below along the east side of the room. Once the Foolkiller has been defeated, the room is a safe place to rest, because nothing else ever happens in here.